Honestly, if you really want to know what this is about, you should just go read the very first post, but I wanted to give you a convenient location to learn more about this page and me.

Hi, my name is Loopdilou, aka Jen. I’m a 40+ year old stay-at-home-parent, aka House-Spouse, hobbit, wife, mom of two Queer kids, wrangler of cat and dog, Executive Producer of The Skiffy and Fanty Show, cross-stitcher, terrible baker, recipe dabbler, democratic socialist, black thumbed gardener, deliberate decoupler from capitalism, etc. This blog is about my journey towards hopefully moving to a piece of property and setting up a non-urban homestead and working towards a more sustainable future for us all. You’ll learn more by reading the blog or by checking me out on twitter.

You will also see Wyoming Blue, aka Kate, puttering around the ole blogstead, writing about canning, fermentation, and whatever else she wants to! Kate is a 40+ year old retired law enforcement dispatcher coping with a combination of extensive chronic pain and allergy to pain medications, who has been forced to get creative in order to survive on a tiny pension, limited range of motion, and the need to live close to a 24-hour public mineral hot springs (in Saratoga, Wyoming). She has had to learn to make a lot of household products and remedies herself, and has been an enthusiastic and experimental home canner, fermentista, keto diet tinkerer, and general kitchen nerd for over a decade. She is also a poet, activist for the Justice Democrats, book reviewer for Skiffy and Fanty and podcaster. Kate is also the genius that came up with the term “homepunk!”

We also want to ask something of you, our readers: If we, or anyone else who writes a post for us, EVER says something that makes you uncomfortable, is problematic, outright bigoted in any way at all, insensitive, etc, PLEASE let us know. Call us out. We know this is asking you to perform emotional labor, so this is clearly not a requirement, but we do want to be good advocates for a better now and future. Posts will be changed, but all changes will be cited within the post because we don’t want to erase mistakes, we want to fix them.