New York State of Mind

Earlier this year… in April to be exact… I posted a whole spiel about how I loved where I lived and I was rethinking everything about moving up into the hills and blah blah blah you can read it yourself.

I haven’t really updated you since then? So, I thought I would sit down and tell you a story:

Once upon a time, two people got married very, very young, had two beautiful babies, and then lost all track of time and just set one foot in front of the other trying to get to wherever they were going but they didn’t know where they were going so they just kept going forward without realizing they were on a treadmill and actually going nowhere. So they moved to New York. The End.

Ha ha. So, we sort of took a major leap, moved the rest of the way across the country to upstate New York, and the whole 5 year thing is more like a happening now thing. We’re very lucky in that we had equity in our home so we could pay off debt, move, and still have some savings to get us into our next home.

What will our next home be? Not sure yet, but it will have a shop for my husband, it will have an office for me, it will have space for guests, it will be a safe haven for our children whenever they need it (in separate rooms because omg the shared room thing was NOT working anymore).

And that’s about where we’re at. We’ve had an offer accepted on a house, but it’s way too soon to say whether it is THE ONE. Meanwhile, Wyoming Blue is ALSO making a big move!! And so the Homepunks are hopefully about to have two new and improved spaces to punk up a bit! And also homey up a bit. Because that’s what we do.

All of which is to say… stay tuned!


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