Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Turn and Face the Strange

Hi everyone! So, you might have noticed that I’ve been utterly silent for… ohhh…. five months? This despite the amount of cooking I did over the holidays. I think I even promised a tamales recipe at some point.

Well, that clearly didn’t happen. Thank goodness for Wyoming Blue, who has single-handedly kept this place alive with ALL THE SOUP!! Nomnomnom.

A few things are going on in my world, so I’ll try to start at the top… but honestly it could be the middle or bottom. I wouldn’t know the difference anyway. First up: I’m really rethinking the Five Year Plan. Sort of. Maybe. I DON’T KNOW! What I do know is that right now I *really* love where I live. Yesterday I was able to drive 5 minutes to my favorite garden center, find out it was closed, and then drive to an alternative, all within… maybe a 30 minute period. Where I used to live, if I went anywhere with anything it was an ENDEAVOR! You basically had to pack survival gear just to pick up something that wasn’t a grocery item or sold at Target or K-Mart. Literally, three grocery stores, a Target, and a K-Mart. But I could walk across town, so there’s that.

Anyway, here I have access to an Ethiopian grocery store, an El Salvadorian restaurant, a Korean Market, and so much more that I just sigh with contentment when I think about it. But at the same time… my tiny property only allows for so much… “Homesteading.” I do what I can with my 20×20 patio, but that’s also my dog’s space so I can’t completely stuff it with garden. I’m slowly adding storage, but right now I literally have no place for a stand-mixer to make my life easier. Can I keep canned goods in a garage that gets hot in the summer and freezes in the winter? Because using my crawl-space just isn’t ideal (rickety ladders are not the friend of my gloriously chubby butt). What will it cost HERE for my husband to rent a shop if he ever wants to go into business for himself? Because the garage is just not going to work, especially if it also has canned goods in it. Hell, can I even produce enough IN my backyard to NEED to can?

*sigh* These are the questions that I have to ponder when I consider the original plan and whether it’s a plan that still holds what I want for our future. Right now, I just honestly don’t know. I do know that I love my home. It’s providing a safe, comfortable space for myself, my husband, and my two soon college attending… young adults? (Weird!) Oh, and the dog who is hellbent on destroying my planters (*fist shake*).

In the meantime, it’s SPRING!! Time to start sharing garden progress! The next sunny day we have, I’ll give you an update on what’s going on in my yard!


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